April Joy Ford – Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life Strategist.

April J Ford
April J Ford Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life Strategist
April was born in San Francisco, California and was raised in the surrounding Bay Area and Sacramento-Folsom area. She attended California State University, Sacramento, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. After her success in the corporate world for over 13 years as a Senior Engineer at Intel Corporation, April realized that her faith was greater than her fear and walked away as an engineer to fully transition into an entrepreneur.
Her brand, J.O.Y. (Joys of Yah) started the vision of how we can all share and spread the joys & blessings from the gifts of life’s challenges. Joy is inspired by her middle name and Yah short for Yahweh- translating to God.

She is a purpose driven Entrepreneur that knows the alchemy of adversity and inspires people to find the gold in life’s challenges. April has accomplished much in her life, while also overcoming immeasurable hurdles. Her passion fuels her to inspire others to overcome any adversity and to thrive through health, healing, happiness and prosperity.

April knows first-hand the importance of bouncing back from insurmountable difficulties; one was loosing her husband who was her best friend at 32 years young. The many adversities that April has endured throughout her entire life such as sexual abuse, helped prepare her to deal with the ultimate tragedy of losing the father of her two young children in 2010.

She shares her story in Chase The Challenge and Conquer, My 4 R’s: Rubble, Recovery, Rebuild, Relationships which was featured on Amazon’s Top 100 Best-Seller’s List. Chase The Challenge and Conquer along with her Mind, Body, Soul Program titled, 4 Step 4 R’s; Recognize, Respond, Re-evaluate, Rebalance were featured on National TV. Her latest third publication (#1 Best-Seller) is You Are Not Alone – How To Rise Above Life’s Challenges With Grace, Gratitude, Love & Joy. These publications are for you if you’re looking to be inspired and empowered to transform into your true potential and looking for practical methods of health, healing and happiness. Proceeds of You Are Not Alone will benefit Joy’s G.I.F.T.

Her dedication expanded to the 501c(3) non-profit, Joy’s G.I.F.T. (Global Illumination Foundation Thrives). The non-profit empowers women and youth experiencing loss or sexual abuse on how to transition from tragedy to triumph by providing them with a support system and an infrastructure of wrap-around resources for services.

Books & Publications

Breakthrough The Barriers Using 4 Step 4 R’s Program

Breakthrough The Barriers is a 4 Step Program that helps you turn your tragedies into triumph by discovering who you’re truly meant to be by taking a holistic approach; mind, body and soul.
You Are Not […]

Chase The Challenge and Conquer

Chase The Challenge and Conquer, My 4 R’s: Rubble, Recovery, Rebuild, Relationships
Through her difficult and painful childhood, dealing with both failures and success in her adult life, April always persevered, relying on her faith and […]

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone – How To Rise Above Life’s Challenges With Grace, Gratitude, Love & Joy
Has life ever thrown you a curve ball called challenges or maybe even a boulder called adversity? It’s not […]

Comments & Testimonials

Genuine. Inspirational. Enlightening. “Chase the Challenge and Conquer” can and will strengthen you, from the inside out. One of April’s messages was that with perseverance and Faith, you will succeed. You may not possess both qualities at once, but the minor presence of just one, will suffice. “To look back at all the atrocities I faced in life, only the divine can intervene and either walk me through it or carry me.” (Page 73). April’s practical messages remind you, that no struggle can readily compare to the undying strength that is running through your blood.
“Chase the Challenge and Conquer” will inspire you to reevaluate your life, struggles, blessings and relationships; and encourage you to fulfill your calling. Better said, it will inspire you to be the author of your own book.
Kelly Mars
There are many people around us every day who look like they have everything and that have always been that way. When you discover the tragedies and hurts they have suffered, and the adversity and defeat they have faced, you wonder how they can live with such joy and happiness and passion for life. April J. Ford is one of those people.

Her story made me feel a range of emotions, both positive and negative. It helped remind me that we need resiliency and mental toughness to succeed in life and April certainly has that.

Purchase and read the book. You will be better off as a person for it.

Tom Cunningham
The book is about 147 pages in length, and a strong reader can easily finish it in a day. April is a very young widow with two kids, she really opens her heart to you the reader and pours out her soul like I never experienced before.

Her life is unique in its extremes of great happiness and sadness. She really shares herself with the reader, and allows them to go back with her through a journey of personal tragedy and triumph. Through this journey, you will learn as she did some powerful life secrets that convert many of life’s tragedies into blessings. This is a very good book for anyone looking for a way to better deal with his or her own sorrow.

Paul Rushin
I had had the great opportunity of meeting the author personally at an event I hosted in Los Angeles on August 25th, 2012. Her beauty, genuine smile and accepting heart will forever remain in my memory. The book is an honest and deep self-discovery guide that will give you courage to begin trusting your innate wisdom; help you discover inner-strength and guide you to building a happy and fulfilled life for yourself and your loved-ones, as you learn to follow your heart, faith and passion no matter what hardships or unexpected occurrences may arise.
Bikini Mommy Online
I found chase the challenge and conquer to be extremely honest, inspiring and straightforward. This book gets right to the heart of the matter. As a man I found myself with a better understanding for what women experience and how they can move forward through difficulty. I believe April Ford will contribute to being a voice for the advancement of womens spiritual and intellectual development. This is a real book for real people wanting solid practical examples of how to not only survive or overcome but thrive.
Damon j. Smith

Discover the 4 R’s to combat the adversity which is holding you back in her free eBook:
“You Are Not Alone”

You are not alone when feeling the stress, the sadness, and the confusion brought on when doing everything for all the people in your life while overlooking your own personal needs.

Why can’t you find the confidence to fulfill your own dreams that leads to happiness and success in your life and your career?

Break through the barriers stifling your independence!

Instead, it’s time for woman to place themselves on the top of their own “To-Do” list.It’s time to take care of your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, as well as your health and career.

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